Terms of site use

This website is managed by Shizuoka International Language School (Below, called “School”). Please accept the following terms when visiting our website.

Terms of use of the website of Shizuoka International Language School.

1. Copyright

The copyright of the texts, images, music, videos, and other contents posted on the School’s website (hereinafter referred to “Website Content”) is owned by the School and the author or authorized representative of the original content, Except for the for personal use such as archiving and printing, or other cases permitted by a copyright law, it is illegal to copy, transmit, modify, delete, or re-post the Website Content.

2. Use of Website

The school does not guarantee the content and information posted on the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website Content”) for its accuracy, usability, authenticity, etc. If there is any damage arising by using our Website Content, the School is not responsible for any consequences by such an action. The website Content, including but not limited to website structure, conditions of use, URL, is subject to change without notice. The school may suspend or terminate the operation of the website without notice.

3. Using the link

If you would like to use the link to the School’s website (including the posting of the school website URL in publications, magazines, etc.), please contact the School. Not hearing back from the School does not mean that it agreed to allow your use of the School’s link, we refuse the links in the case below.

  • Link from a site that have libelous and defamatory words about the school, officers and staff.
  • Link from a site which is contrary to public order or morality, that damages the trust of the school.
  • Link such as frame links that may damage the authenticity of the School’s website.
  • Other links that the School finds inappropriate.

Regarding the above links, even if the School has temporarily granted permission, the School may send a request for removal later on.

4. Questions related to the website

If you have any questions regarding the link or the School’s website, please contact us via email: sils@ai.tnc.ne.jp