Dormitories and Support for student’s living


The dormitories are fully equipped with Wi-Fi, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, gas range etc.. Students can start comfortable living from the first day in Japan.

Special Characteristics

Available for any student

As we have 7 dormitories, dormitory is available to any student.

Comfortable and Close

Comfortable living due to dormitories close to school. For students living a little far from school, we prepare the school-bus for picking students up.

Lower price

Students can live in dormitories at lower price compared to apartment in Fukuori-city.

Free Wi-Fi

As Wi-Fi installed for all dormitories, students can use internet free.








School Bus

Inside of the dormitory room

Support for student’s living

Students need several kinds of legal paper work to live in Japan. We support following procedures for students carefully. And majority of students learn Japanese language while working. We will support students to find suitable part-time job.

Document Procedure

Resident registration

Students are required to submit registration at city hall quickly before living in Japan. This procedure is needed at changing house, too.

Application for national health insurance

In Japan, medical expense for foreign student’s illness or injury can be very expensive without health insurance. We support students to join the National Health Insurance. And we provide with information of hospitals and pharmacies kindly. For students not to get used to Japanese language, our staff will accompany to hospital with the student.

Application for national pension system

In Japan, everyone over 20 years of age must join this system in principal. We support the procedure for students to be exempted from the joining National Pension System.

Opening bank accounts

Students need to open a bank account in Japan as soon as the resident registration completed. Bank account is necessary for you to receive the money from your expense supporter or company of part-time job.

Renewal of Student Visa

When you enter into Japan, the first period to stay is directed at immigration Service. You need to take a procedure to extend the period before expired. We support students to apply Visa renewal. (This procedure can be accepted from 3 months before expired.

Part-time job, Arbeit

After receiving the permit for part-time job issued by the Immigration Service, students are allowed to work part-time within 28 hours per week. We support students for job search and application. And we can take counsel about part-time job and provide with suitable jobs information too.