Campus Life

About Fukuroi-city

This is Fukuroi-city; The Place Shizuoka International Language School is!!

A day in the life of a student in SILS

Ceremonies & Events

Our school is not only to teach Japanese language but also to guide our students understand Japanese cultures, manners and customs.

We incorporate various ceremonies and events such as seasonal festivals and customs into curriculum so that students can understand “JAPAN” widely.

 Enrollment ceremony

Traffic safety class

Bus tour (Flower and Bird park etc.)

Tanabata festival

August is the Summer holidays!

Hang out with friends, Go on a trip, Try something new… So fun!!

Of course, don’t forget studying.

Graduation ceremony

Enrollment ceremony

Traffic safety class

School trip for 2nd grade students

Bowling competition

Red-bean soup party

Visit the Fukuroi city hall

Speech contest(Japanese language)

Tea ceremony class

Graduation ceremony & party

Cooking party