Privacy Policy

Shizuoka International Language School (hereinafter, “School”), will hold personal information of customers to provide various legal services as needed. The School will keep personal information confidential, and tries its best to bring trust and peace of mind to its customers. The school ensures the compliance with the law regarding the use of the personal information, and realizes the proper use of personal information.

About the use of personal information at Shizuoka International Language School

1. Collecting personal informationCopyright

The School collects personal information legally, and will not do so illegally or inappropriately.

2. Use of personal informati

The school only uses customer’s personal information for the following purposes. In the case that the school has to use customers’ personal information outside the following scopes, it only does so after receiving customer’s consent.

  1. Replying to inquiries, budget estimation, and sending documents for the mentioned purpose
  2. Providing information related to services.

3. Protection of personal information

The school will take necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage personal information such as avoiding leaks, loss, and damage of personal information.

4. Authorizing information handling by a third party

In the event that the School authorizes part or all of the use of customer’s personal information to a third party, it will conduct a strict investigation on the third party, and deploys strict and appropriate supervision on them in order to securely manage the personal information that the School authorized them to use.

5. Sharing personal information with third parties

Except for cases where the personal information is protected by law, the School will not provide personal information to third parties without the customer’s consent.

6. Disclosing and revising personal information

When the school is requested to disclose personal information from its customers, it will promptly manage the request. The School refused to reach to the request if it can not confirm the requestor is its customer.

If there is an error in the content of personal information, and a requests for correction, addition, or deletion of information from customers, the School will promptly manage the request after conducting necessary investigation. The School refused to react to the request if it cannot confirm the requestor is its customer.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the use of personal information by our school, please contact us. See below for the contact information.

  • Shizuoka International Language School
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +81-538-23-7788 (Country code81. Monday to Friday, 9:00AMto 5:00PM japan time)

7. Organization and structure

Under Mr.Masayuki Itagaki who is responsible for the personal information management, the School properly manages personal information, and constantly improves its information management system.