Guidance for enrollment and Application

Application period

Course (session) Application open Application Issuance of COE Entrance
April End of Sep. Beginning of Dec. End of Feb. Early of Apr.
October End of Apr. Middle of Jun. End of Aug. Early of Oct.

Admission procedure(6 steps)

  • STEP1
    Submission of application and verification documents
    Please submit documents for application according to your selected course.
  • STEP2
    Issuance of COE
    After the completion of final acceptance by immigration bureau Japan, COE is issued to the school.
  • STEP3
    Payment of school expenses and dormitory fees
    Please pay school expenses and dormitory fees for enrollment
  • STEP4
    Issuance of admission permit
    We issue and send Admission permit to the applicant together with COE
  • STEP5
    Student Visa application
    After receiving enrollment permit and COE, the applicants can apply for student visa at Japanese embassy in home country.
  • STEP6
    Immigration and enrollment
    After the visa issued, the applicant can entry into Japan, and enroll Shizuoka International Language School.

Qualification of the Applicant

Those that meet all of the following conditions.

  • Any person who does not have Japanese nationality
  • Any person who has complete 12 years of education at school in foreign country or a course that is found equivalent or superior level.
  • Any person who has passed Japanese language proficiency test N5 or higher level than N5.
  • Any person who has the certificate of completion of Japanese language education more than 150 hours in home country.
  • Any person who has graduated from high school or university in 4 years.
  • Any person who has a reliable guarantor and an expense supporter.

Documents required for application

* If you write the above documents in language other than Japanese, please attach documents translated into Japanese.
  1. Application for admission to the school (specified form Download)
  2. Personal history (specified form Download)
  3. Statement of Reason (specified form Download)
  4. Graduation certificate of final education
  5. Results certificate of final education for each grade
  6. Certificate of passing the higher level than N5
  7. Certificate of completion of Japanese language education issued by the local school
  8. Certificate of work career (In case of having working experiences after graduation from school.)
  9. Official copy of your birth certificate
  10. Photocopy of passport (In case of passport issued)
  11. 8 copies of your own photograph (4cm × 3cm, your name written on the reverse side)
  1. Personal reference guarantee
  2. Certificate of the financial support (specified form Download)
  3.  Certificate of employment issued by employer
  4. Permit certificate of individual proprietor (For individual owner)
  5. Certificate of income for last 3 years
  6. Certificate of deposit balance issued by bank
  7. Bank book details copy for last 3 years
  8. Certificate of funds saving method (This document is required for the supporter who does not prepare the bank book details.)
  9. Official copy of family register including all family member